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The best new restaurants in Montreal

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Are you looking for a new restaurant ? Here are 19 new restaurants in Montreal to try ASAP.From a newcomer on bubbly Wellington Street, to a counter-bar transformed into a French brasserie,  to an upscale steakhouse,  we present to you the 19 best recently opened restaurants that you must absolutely try.You’ll find bold creativity, traditional fare and everything in between with Montreal’s best new restaurants. These new players offer serious quality, each with concepts and executions that are ready to join our list of the best restaurants in Montreal . Locals know (and tourists want to know) all the classic places to sample Montreal’s signature dishes, like the  best poutine , the  best bagels , the best Portuguese chicken, or the  best smoked meat., but there’s always a new face vying for your attention. Here’s what’s new on the scene and worth eating right now.

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When it comes to mezes to share, it all comes down to the variety of what you put on the table. But when you taste the Lebanese cuisine of Mezzmiz, it is also the diversity of the guests at the table that counts: In this culinary mosaic, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe are brought together in the same style at Beirut. From filet mignon shawarma to Moroccan chicken with candied lemon, classic crispy falafels to muhamarra rich in pomegranate molasses and Aleppo pepper, the Mezzmiz takes you on a journey between high-end innovation and uncompromising tradition.

3. Office

Vegetables, caviar & small dishes. Four very revealing little words on the new guideline that Kabinet now wishes to offer its customers. It is chef Jean-Michel Leblond (who we saw on the show Chef de Bois), who signs a menu where the succession of great French classics makes us salivate. Beef tartare aged 90 days, garlic snails, leeks with vinaigrette and egg mayonnaise sit alongside an inviting selection of seafood, including the first “caviar bar” in town. From trout eggs to Oscietre caviar from the Antonius house, the Kabinet is the perfect place to taste this noble ingredient in a setting reminiscent of a Parisian brasserie from the 1970s.To drink, enjoy a cocktail menu that is still as attractive as before, as well as a masterful selection of natural wines.

2. Butterfly

We have Butterfly to thank for reviving the mythical local Marché de la Villette, located in Old Montreal. So much so that the theme remains around meat, it is the menu of the high-end steakhouse that the team wishes to bet on, all in an atmosphere that is both chic and warm. Chef Yassine Baghdad, who is not at his first steakhouse, was inspired by French classics to enhance the “meat” experience. Mainly sourcing local products – except for Sterling Silver grade meat from the United States – the Butterfly experience is based on building your meal around the selected cut of meat. Périgord, three-pepper or béarnaise sauce, alongside local mushrooms, green beans or creamed spinach, extra langoustine tail or caviar are currently on the menu.

3. Millmans

A newcomer to sparkling Wellington Street in Verdun, Millmans describes itself as a “fancy” snack bar, where eating well also rhymes with nostalgia and unpretentiousness. This neighborhood restaurant, open for breakfast and lunch – also read brunch – offers great morning classics, but perfectly concocted with as many local ingredients as possible, including sourdough bread from Chez Miette, as well as bagels from Le Trou, located in Griffintown. The one who wants to enhance the snack experience is chef Nicholas Gaudette, who already has several years of experience in the kitchen.

4. Supernat

A café, snack bar and sandos bar (small Japanese sandwiches) all rolled into one, Supernat is the new addition to the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district. If the place serves a very nice selection of natural wines and cocktails at any time, the two owners also want to attract small families and day workers. To eat, we enjoy sandos, these Japanese sandwiches with no crust topped with eggs marinated in soy, barbecue pork or salmon sashimi, which can be accompanied by a few other Asian specialties – including Vietnamese hot pâtés from the mother of one of the owners.

5. Nolan

The duo nominated for the Lauriers de la Gastronomie, Matthew Shefler and Vincent Lévesque Lepage of the Knuckles restaurant , bring their magic to Little Burgundy with Nolan. By teaming up with long-time friends (and also industry professionals), the quartet now offers a place where you can go morning, noon and night for a coffee or a glass of natural wine, accompanied by appetizers — or a meal for the occasion.

In the kitchen, we find the personal touch of chef Vincent with some homemade pasta, an abundance of seasonal vegetables, as well as something to delight lovers of meat, fish and seafood. Quality is preferred to quantity: the Prince Edward Island beef grilled on the Japanese barbecue is sublime, as is the Quebec halibut with a buttermilk sauce pearled in dill oil, then sliced ​​with smoked veal fat. If ending your day there is a good idea, starting it will be just as pleasant with a delicious “bread-butter-jam” service!

6. Cabaret Hell

From the neighborhood pizzeria as a teenager to working alongside Daniel Boulud. From the best restaurant in the world, the Noma, to the restaurant of the year in 2018, Le Mousso . From a pandemic to Cabaret L’enfer, and possibly in the running to win the best new restaurant of the year. Here are a few words to shed light on chef Massimo Piedimonte and his very first restaurant he owned.

The tasting menu gives a glimpse of mastered techniques, of course, but above all the personality of the chef by offering marriages of innovative flavors where the omnipresence of fermentations makes the experience exceptional. The wine list is just as revealing, with a dominance of extremely rare natural wines.

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