Renting for the holidays

Renting for the holidays: is it the best option?

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Holiday periods are certainly the most anticipated of the year. Preparing for this moment is already a party and allows the mind to wander by imagining the many possibilities offered. Beyond the choice of destination, there is also the question of accommodation. The great classics are obviously stays in hotels or seasonal rentals, but also on campsites or in more original places such as certain guest rooms, motorhomes, exchange of accommodation, etc. What are the advantages of the different options? Here are some answers to guide you in your selection.

Rental and its many possibilities

Seasonal rentals have evolved a lot since the arrival of the internet and the development of platforms that connect owners and vacationers. For the former, the operation sometimes becomes a real job because some have several properties specially dedicated to tourist rental. These accommodations are often functional but really lack originality. The trend in this sector is indeed towards standardization and everywhere you find the same furniture and equipment from the major furniture chains.

There is nothing in common with going to sleep with the locals and sharing an evening to exchange experiences and tips. It is hardly moreover if you meet anyone on the spot, the entrance to the places often being done thanks to keys left simply in a box with code.To get a little more human warmth, the bed and breakfast option is much friendlier. For a more personal setting, exchanging a house or apartment is the ideal solution since you actually live in the place where the usual occupants live. The new trend is also to rent a second home to a family member because you feel more confident than with strangers. This is also the case of renting to his family in pinel which is perfectly authorized and minimizes the risk of non-payment.

The choice of hotel or all-inclusive formulas

In recent years, the hotel offer, whether global or national, has not stopped increasing and the health crisis has not really slowed down investments in this sector. The choice of spending holidays in a hotel is attracting more and more families thanks to offers and services specially designed for them. Childcare services, dedicated activities and adapted menus, owners and hotel chains are doing everything to attract this customer segment.Women who are increasingly active either need to really rest without having to worry about the logistics of a home, or are lucky enough to have year-round staff and don’t want to drop standing during their holidays.The alternative solution very popular with sports enthusiasts or families with several children of different ages is the all-inclusive club holiday formula. The price is paid at the time of booking and includes meals, aperitifs, drinks and all sporting or recreational activities.Depending on its configuration, renting is therefore not necessarily the best solution, but it can also be suitable for many people who wish to divide the costs of the holiday budget.

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