Checklist before going abroad

Family holidays: the Checklist before going abroad

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To make sure you don’t forget anything and have a pleasant family holiday abroad, there’s nothing better than making a detailed checklist!The key word for a successful family trip is organization . There is no secret, to be sure not to forget anything, the ideal is to list everything you will need during your family vacation. Who would want to end up at the airport without the passport of the youngest, or sick at the end of the world without the first aid kit? If you are not used to leaving, don’t worry, we are here to help you prepare everything. From formalities to clothing, including travel insurance, here is the ideal checklist before departure!

What formal itiesto fill Before leaving abroad with family ?

During this exhilarating phase of preparation, you will ask yourself an incredible number of questions concerning all aspects of the journey ahead. Here are the points to remember under no circumstances, because it is essential to settle them before departure so that your family trip goes as smoothly as possible: Plane tickets : after choosing your destination, this is the first formality to take care of. Take them directly from the airline’s site and, if you are traveling to a country with long distances, consider doing at least one domestic line.Mode of transport : rental car, motorhome, bus or local train… Make your reservations as soon as possible to benefit from the best rates.Accommodation works on the same principle, especially if you are going during your children’s school holidays.The visa : some countries require each traveler to have a visa , in paper format affixed to the passport or digitally online. Find out in advance, this formality can be quite long!Vaccines : if you go to an industrialized country, no problem, universal accines are enough provided you are up to date with your reminders. In tropical destinations, you will surely have to do more. To find out which ones, it is best to inquire at the Institut Pasteur.In general, we advise you to print and make a digital copy of all your documents. This can be in an email, on a cloud or in your photo gallery. This will save you in case of loss or theft of your luggage!

What documents are required for travelabroadwith children?

Whatever the destination of your family vacation outside France, identity documents are mandatory for adults, as for children. If you are going to a country in the European Union, the national identity card is sufficient. But if you want to travel beyond European borders, or to the United Kingdom, you will need one passport per person . Indeed, children can no longer be attached to the passport of one of their parents.Please note that some countries require other documents, especially if you are a blended family or if the children are traveling with only one of their parents .the original of the cerfa form n°15646, signed by a person having parental authority.Other destinations are even more demanding , such as South Africa, for example, and require parents to provide a complete birth certificate for the child, which includes the identity of both parents. In any case, it is better to inquire with the embassy of the country of destination and, even if it is not required, to have with you and in digital format a copy of the family record book.

Have valid passports

To travel outside the EU, a biometric passport is therefore essential. This must still be valid on the date of your return, and many countries require an end date of more than 6 months after this date. To obtain it, take all the information from your town hall and carry out this procedure several months before departure, as the delays in obtaining it can be very long, especially with the approach of the summer holidays.If you have to apply for a passport for a minor child , the papers to be provided will be different and the period of validity is reduced to 5 years , instead of 10 years for adults.Passports for family vacations

What insurance for a trip with children?

We often forget, but insurance is essential to go serenely on family vacation abroad. It is indeed possible that one of you falls ill or is the victim of an accident during the stay. If this happens, you won’t have to bother with the administrative procedures: the insurance takes care of everything! Transport, hospitalization, care, medication, repatriation, etc. everything is taken care of according to the contract you have subscribed to.What insurance to take out? If you are going to Europe or to a country where medical costs are not expensive, your home and civil liability insurance may be sufficient. This is the case, for example, at MAIF. If you are traveling to countries such as the United States or Australia, where medical costs are very expensive , then it is strongly advised to take out additional travel insurance.

Have an international credit card

Whatever the country, you will need to be in possession of an international bank card for your family vacation. It is even advisable to have one per adult , very practical in case of loss or blocked card. Many banks, especially online ones, now offer cards that allow you to avoid paying bank charges when withdrawing or paying abroad. This is the case of Revolut or the Max Card.

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