destinations for a family trip to Brazil

Discover the best destinations for a family trip to Brazil.

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The best of spend your holidays with your children.

Traveling to Brazil with the family is an excellent idea, it is a country that lends itself perfectly to a stay with young children as well as teenagers. Indeed, the largest country in Latin America has a multitude of destination possibilities due to its vastness and the variety of its landscapes. Whether it is for a circuit crossing different regions or for a stay in Brazil more concentrated on one part of the country, many combinations of stages exist. However, they will be more or less suitable depending on the time of year you want to travel, the time you have available and especially your family’s profile of travelers.

If, for example, you want to leave during the winter holidays, consult our special selection of winter destinations .

 It is therefore not necessarily easy to make the best possible selections for a successful family vacation in Brazil without an excellent knowledge of the reality on the ground. Knowing the particularities – both geographically and in terms of accommodation and possible excursions – of each region will prove to be a real plus for going to Brazil with peace of mind with your young people.

It is to help you in this endeavor that Brazil Selection puts its expertise at your service in this thematic page devoted to family stays and trips to Brazil.

Our agency specializing in tailor-made stays has selected for you the best destinations and the most suitable tour formulas to develop a trip that favors quality, comfort, entertainment and safety for all members of your family in Brazil. This selection aims to help parents to compose the trip that corresponds to the desires and specificities of their household. It will give you valuable leads to then get in touch with our travel designers and develop with them the tailor-made travel circuit in Brazil for your family.

Whether your eldest son is a fan of surfing, your youngest daughter loves animals, and the youngest dreams of putting her capoeira lessons into practice, you will find everything you need to satisfy your children during this trip. But also for parents, mothers will find excellent spa formulas in our selection of quality hotels, while fathers will appreciate the good internet connections to keep in touch with their professional activities.

 You know your family and their needs better than anyone, we are the Brazil experts, together we can really create an ideal Brazil vacation program that will make all your siblings have an unforgettable time.

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