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4 Superb Dubai’s Desert Camping Spots

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Hey! Reached Dubai? Well, there is a bunch of options to explore in this most beautiful city but the right way of kicking your journey is with hunting the fantastic spots for desert camping, “the reason the Arab world is famous for”. While hunting different desert camping places on the internet, you also find different organizations offering to arrange amazing camping at a desert. Interestingly, it is the right time to explore the deserts in UAE because at the peak of summer, it is hard to enjoy and other than getting familiar with the tradition, you also enjoy Arab cuisine mainly consists of meat, so if you are a meat-lover then it is the best place to visit.

While exploring desert, never forget to experience the desert safari and it never costs you too much; hence, you find it the popular activity of masses. This blog has some excellent Dubai’s camping spots to reveal.

So explore the stunning list below and turn your trip into the incredible one.

1-Al Qudra Lake

Yes, starting your journey with this superb place is the ideal step ending-up your trip with lots of great memories and yes, approaching it from the city-center is very easy; hence, you find dozens of people visit it regularly. It is the great place for getting close to the nature and enjoy sitting on the beautiful sand with witnessing the stunning lake and the oasis gives this spot a superb look making your camping more remarkable.You can even avail rent a car in Dubai to choose the vehicle of your choice to make your trip to Al Qudra Lake trip more personalized and comforting. Furthermore, you also find lots of tour organizers for organizing the ideal camping. Furthermore, in any trip, flight-booking is very crucial and if you really wish to make it the smooth experience then you should go with the Etihad coupons.


It is also the impressive place to make the most out of camping and this spot is situated at the East coast of the country, so don’t wait and add this incredible place into your bucket list of Dubai’s attraction. Yes, the overnight camping is very popular at this place and with seeing the incredible natural view, you also taste some delicious tasty dishes such as Mandi, falafel and much more. Moreover, approaching this spot is never hard and that is the reason why a large number of people visit it every weekend.

3-Hajar Mountains

It is also the top-class place that you have to consider for your camping and the impressive natural view gives this spot more importance for ideal camping. Moreover, it is also the amazing place for adventurers and you can also try hiking there but make sure that you are in the proper gear before getting indulged in this physical activity.

4-Jebel Al Jais

It is ideal for both hiking and camping because of its superb landscape and the easy access makes this spot for ideal to explore and it is situated at the Ras Al Khaimah, so do visit it and witness the amazing canyon of great mountains while camping and you find a huge number of locals and foreign tourists while exploring this tourist spot. while exploring this tourist spot. You can use rent a car in UAE to visit these wonderful spots and make trip your trip more comforting and enjoyable.

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